I have published several works over the years to be able to convey all the techniques and strategies that I have learned in these years of experience in the field of personal change, to learn how to better manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and bring them to a highest level.

Choose the format that suits you best and in the end … leave a comment! It will help other people better understand what to choose at a time of transition.

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This book is dedicated to those who want to find effective and fast methods to better manage their emotions, prevent and treat some forms of panic attack and depression to help the chosen therapeutic path, learn the basics of meditation.
Available in e-book and paper format (available only in Italian for now).

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Ricominciare da un amore che finisce

If you have just finished an unsatisfactory relationship, if you are in a period of particular suffering and want to understand the lesson as soon as possible and start looking ahead, in this Self Help manual you can find many tools to build a life and a better relationship in your future.
(English translation in progress)

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