Intensive Seminars

If you want to work on a personal level you can attend seminars lasting 5 hours of Himalayan Yoga (classic Hatha and Raja Yoga yoga), Rebirthing, Mindfulness, Family Constellations, Group Psychotherapy. There are also weekend or week-long residential seminars where you can work in a protected and pleasant environment.

If you want to work at a corporate or professional level, you can participate in group corporate constellations to understand how the fields of consciousness affect your career or your business.

Locations in Udine and Rome (other locations on request).

Himalayan Yoga

Himalayan Yoga is a thousand-year practice of Yoga, with an intact spiritual tradition behind it, which contains enormous treasures of wisdom and techniques dedicated to the development of the human being, the liberation of its potential and the existential realization. In a 5-hour journey, you will learn some asanas, how to associate them with breathing, meditation, and how to build greater control of your mind and more exceptional ability to concentrate.

Family constellations

Family constellations are a method discovered by one of the most brilliant modern psychotherapists, Bert Hellinger. With this tool we can understand the causes and possible solutions to personal or professional difficulties, related to health or relationships to seemingly “random” events. Join the next 5-hour constellation group!

Mindfulness - Eolos first level

Eolos 1st level or mindfulness seminar, is a seminar dedicated to the development of respiratory skills, the use of conscious breathing, the basics of meditation. At the end of this seminar, you will have a meditation technique and also simple stress management to practice at every moment of your day!

Transpersonal Rebirthing - Eolos second level

Eolos 2nd level or Transpersonal Rebirthing seminar, is a seminar dedicated to the discovery of transpersonal states of consciousness, in which it is possible to regenerate the mind, discover new points of view and new mental attitudes based on trust, positivity, and openness. in tune with the abundance and abundance dimensions we are naturally destined for! Find out now how to do it by leaving your references and asking for information.


Goal achieved!

This seminar is held just before at the end of the year and after 6 months. It is time to take stock of what you have achieved and what you will pursue in different areas of your life based on short, medium, and long term goals. You will also learn to program yourself to achieve these goals. As a group, with different objective analysis and programming techniques, you will learn new ways to guide your life constructively, and you will find some time to get better with you and people that you love.