Residential Seminars

If you want to work on a personal level you can attend seminars lasting 5 hours of Himalayan Yoga (classic Hatha and Raja Yoga yoga), Rebirthing, Mindfulness, Family Constellations, Group Psychotherapy. There are also weekend or week-long residential seminars where you can work in a protected and pleasant environment.

If you want to work at a corporate or professional level, you can participate in group corporate constellations to understand how the fields of consciousness affect your career or your business.

Locations in Udine and Rome (other locations on request).


Fullighntess is a seminar for those who want to engage in personal development with a dedicated time and space, with a group of people motivated by the same goals and beliefs and with a professional team. Start the day with meditation and traditional yoga practices, follow classes of transpersonal rebirthing and family constellations, and end the day, group sessions and psychotherapy and finally meditation. All the changes you wanted to make are now closer to your reach!

I start again!

“I start over again” is the three days seminar seminar dedicated to fasting, meditation, yoga, study and deep personal change achieved through the millennial practice of fasting, with which we can give a powerful imprint to our body and our soul to change our habits food, behavioral, emotional and thinking.

Wellness in Holidays

“Wellness in Holidays” is a one-week seminar dedicated to holidays and wellness. This 2020 the destination will be Vilnius. Come to visit this beautiful city in July and at the same time stay and practice yoga with us. Period: May 31st – June 7th. The Treviso-Vilnius line is recommended. Attention: before buying tickets, ask for confirmation of the organization of the seminar that will be activated upon reaching the 20 members!